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We can design and manufacture technological equipment for different industry sectors. We can offer:
- Technological equipment designing and production
- Mechanical units designing and production
- Mechanism designing and production
- Conveyor designing and production


Dirmeta UAB can offer the following products as well:
- Battery disassembly lines
- Plastic grinding mills
- Wood pellet crusher / shredder
- Drilling heads for furniture industry
- Carpet squeezing facilities (centrifuges)

- Honeycomb slitters
- Conveyors


1.jpg 2.jpg 201007121362.jpg 4.jpg DSC_0287.jpg Honeycomb slitter 2.jpg Honeycomb slitter.jpg IMGP3688.JPG IMG_0124.JPG IMG_0227.JPG IMG_1601.JPG IMG_1897.JPG Skersavimo stakles.jpg Vertikalus stelazas metalo lapams.png